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1816 Ohio Gazetteer
Danville to Duff's Fork

Danville, a small town laid off in Knox County, 13 miles northeast from Mount Vernon.

Darby, a post township of Madison County; containing several tracts of exceedingly fertile land along Darby creek.

Darby, also the name of a township in Pickaway County.

Darby Creek, a considerable western branch of the Scioto River. It rises in the northeastern parts of Champaign County, and runs a generally southeastern direction, crossing the southwest corner of Delaware, the northeastern corner of Madison, and the western borders of Franklin counties, flows into Pickaway County and enters the west side of Scioto River opposite Circleville. Large bodies of rich prairie, bottom and upland are situated upon and adjacent to this creek.

Darby, Little. [See Little Darby.]

Dark, a western County, bounded on the north by the Indian boundary, east by Miami and south by Preble counties, and on the west by the state of Indiana. It is 34 by 21 miles in extent. Its principal streams are the head waters of the southwestern branch of the Great Miami River. County seat Greenville.

Dayton, a flourishing post town and seat of justice for Montgomery County. It is situated on level ground, upon the eastern bank of the Great Miami River, just below the confluence of that and Mad Rivers. It contains an academy, a printing-office, a bank, fifteen mercantile stores which do considerable business, and three apothecary shops; also a Presbyterian meeting house, one for Methodist, a courthouse and gaol, and above 100 dwelling houses: beside which are numerous mills in the vicinity, particularly, on Mad River near its mouth where it is peculiarly well calculated for mills and machinery of various kinds necessary to be propelled by water. Distance 40 miles southwesterly from Urbana, 66 west by south from Columbus, 70 northwesterly from Chillicothe, and 52 northerly from Cincinnati. North latitude 39, 42. West longitude 7, 4.

Deer Creek, the name of a township, in the western part of Madison County, on a stream of the, same name.

Deer Creek, a west branch of Scioto River, rising in the western parts of Madison County : from whence it runs a southeasterly direction across the northeastern corner of Fayette, and the southwestern parts of Pickaway counties, into the upper part of Ross County ; where it joins the Scioto River, 7 miles north from Chillicothe, by a mouth 18 yards wide. Along the borders of this creek, are considerable bodies of handsome and fertile land.

Deer Creek, a stream running southwardly into the Ohio River, immediately east of the town of Cincinnati.

Deerfield, a post township in the southwest corner of Portage County.

Deerfield, a township of Ross County.

Deerfield, a township of Warren County.

Defiance, fort. [See Fort Defiance.]

Delaware, a large and flourishing county, bounded on the north by the southern borders of Sandusky plains, on the east by Knox and Licking counties, south by Franklin and Madison counties, and on the west by Champaign County. It is 38 miles long from east to west and 26 broad from north to south. Its principal waters are the Scioto and Whetstone Rivers, and Alum and Walnut creeks, together with several of their minor tributaries, which water almost every part of the county. This county is now rapidly settling by a number of respectable emigrants from several of the eastern states. Its population is 5000. Valuation of its property 1,094,036 dollars. County seat Delaware.

Delaware, a post town and seat of justice for the above county. It is pleasantly situated on rolling ground, upon the western bank of Whetstone River, across which is erected a bridge of handsome structure leading from one of the principal streets. The town contains about 60 houses; many of which are handsomely built of brick, and three mercantile stores. On a plain upon the summit of a rising piece of ground in the north part of the town plat, has recently been built a handsome brick court house. Distance 65 miles northwesterly from Zanesville, 26 northwardly from Columbus, and 70 northwardly from Chillicothe. North latitude 40, 18. West longitude 6, 5.

Denmark, a post town of Ashtabula County, immediately east of Jefferson.

Dixon, a township of Preble County.

Donation Tract. [See Ohio Company's Purchase.]

Dover, a post township of Cuyahoga County.

Dover, a township of Tuscarawas County, in which is laid off a town of the same name but which is not yet settled.

Duck Creek, a rivulet rising in the southern part of Guernsey County, and after running a southerly direction into and across Washington County joins the Ohio River one mile above Marietta, by a mouth 20 yards wide. It is a deep, sluggish stream, and always requires a bridge or a ferry across its mouth, to enable travelers to proceed along the River road. One or two bridges had been built, but have been destroyed by floods.

Duff's Fork, a post village in Fayette County.

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Source: The Ohio Gazetteer or Topographical Dictionary, by John Kilbourn, A. M.,
Smith & Griswold Printers, Columbus, Nov. 1816

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