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1816 Ohio Gazetteer
Eagle Creek to Euclid

Eagle, a township of Adams County.

Eagle Creek, a tributary stream of the Ohio River, formed by the junction of three smaller streams, called East, Hills and Rattlesnake forks, in the western and northern parts of Adams County. It runs in a generally south by western direction into the Ohio River, 10 miles by water below Maysville in Kentucky.

East Branch, an eastern tributary stream of the Little Miami River. It rises in the southeastern part of Clinton County; from whence it runs above 30 miles in a serpentine, southwestern direction into the central part of Clermont County, a few miles below Williamsburg, when it gradually turns into and runs a northwestern direction 10 or 12 miles further and joins the Little Miami just within the limits of Hamilton County. Stonelick, a small northern fork, puts into the north side of this stream a few miles from its mouth.

East Fork, a creek running into the east side of Mad River, in the lower part of Champaign County.

East Union, a township of Wayne County.

Eaton, a post town and seat of justice for Preble County. It is situated in the center of the county (within 3/4 of a mile of old Fort St. Clair) in a high and handsome position, and is well watered. St. Clair's creek runs by the town, affording a number of excellent mill seats. The creek in 80 rods, falls about twenty feet: at the foot of which are already erected a number of mills. “The village of Eaton contains 40 families, with about the same number of dwelling houses, scattered over a half section of land; a few of which are brick, and some frames, but most of logs." Here are "four stores, vending about 50,000 dollars’ worth of merchandize per year; and two physicians, without business, owing to the healthiness of the place. To give an idea of the healthiness of the place, there have been, since its organization, but seven wills proven, and nine administrations taken in the court." Distance, 24 miles west from Dayton, 90 west by south from Columbus, and 50 northwardly from Cincinnati. North latitude 39, 31. W. longitude 7, 31.

Eighteen Mile Creek, a small stream running into the Ohio River, 17 or 18 miles below Gallipolis.

Elk Run, a township of Columbiana County.

Ellsworth, a township of Trumbull County, being the first in the IV range of townships in the Connecticut Western Reservation. It lies immediately west of and adjoining Canfield.

Erie, lake, lies along about two thirds of the northern borders of the state, from its northeastern limit westwardly between it and Upper Canada. The jurisdictional line, however, between Canada and Ohio, runs along the middle of it from east to west. Its circumference, following the various trendings of its shores, is. 610 miles; and its greatest length 290, from northeast to southwest. Only 160 miles however, in a direct line, border upon the state of Ohio. Its average breadth is perhaps from 30 to 40 miles. This is a valuable sheet of inland water, and affords an extensive interior navigation. This lake will be ever memorable, on account of a decisive naval victory gained upon it by the Americans over the English, in September 1813, when the whole British fleet was captured. The principal harbors on the Ohio side, are those of Painesville, Cleveland, Granger, Sandusky, and Fort Stephenson, beside Put-in and Maumee bays. The subject has been contemplated, of endeavoring to turn the course of trade, for a considerable portion of the western country, to New-York city, through the medium of this lake and a projected canal from its eastern extremity to Hudson's River. But whether any such diversion of the present channel of trade can advantageously be accomplished, at least, to the extent which many have anticipated, remains yet to be ascertained.

Euclid, a post township of Cuyahoga County, 8 miles east from Cleveland.

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Source: The Ohio Gazetteer or Topographical Dictionary, by John Kilbourn, A. M.,
Smith & Griswold Printers, Columbus, Nov. 1816

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