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1816 Ohio Gazetteer
Talmage to Tyemochtee

Talmage, a township in Portage County.

Tarlton, a tolerably pleasantly situated village near the source of the north fork of Scioto Salt creek, in the southeastern quarter of Pickaway County. It contains a post office, a store, and about twenty dwelling houses. It is situated on the great road from Chillicothe, to Lancaster; and about 17 miles distant from each of those towns.

Taway Town, an Indian station in the vicinity of Ft Amanda, near the source of Au Glaize River.

Thompson's Salt Works, a place at which is kept a post office in Jefferson County.

Thorn, a township of Fairfield County.

Tiffin, a township in Adams County.

Tinker's Creek, a stream rising in Portage County, and running thence 12 or 15 miles northwestwardly into Cuyahoga County, where it also joins Cuyahoga River, 11 miles above Cleveland.

Todd's Fork, a creek rising in Clinton County, and running thence 25 miles in a southwestwardly direction into Little Miami River, in Warren County, 5 miles above Deerfield.

Troy, a post town and seat of justice for Miami County. It is situated on the west bank of the Great Miami River, 8 miles southerly from Piqua, 66 west from Columbus, and 21 north from Dayton. North latitude 39 53, West longitude 7 8.

Troy, a township of Trumbull County.

Troy, a river town and township situated in Athens County, immediately above the mouth of Hockhocking River.

Troy, also the name of a township in Richland County.

Trucksville, a small town in Richland County, on an eastern fork of Mohiccan creek.

Trumbull, a large and wealthy county in the northeastern quarter of the state. It is bounded on the north by Ashtabula County, east by the state of Pennsylvania, south by Columbiana, and west by Portage and Geauga counties. It is 35 miles long from north to south, by 25 broad from east to west, containing 875 square miles. It contains a population of 10,000 inhabitants; and a valuation of 2,115.030 dollars. Warren, Mesopotamia, Hartford, Green, Vernon, Canfield, Poland and Youngstown, beside several others are flourishing places. Warren is the county seat it is divided into twenty two townships, namely; Youngstown, Fowler, Poland, Canfield, Troy, Bristol, Ellsworth, Hartford, Hubbard, Green, Liberty, Vienna, Weathersfield, Boardman, Warren, Braceville, Vernon, Howland, Milton, Newton, Coitsville and Brookfield. This county contains large quantities of valuable land for farming, much of which is improved, in well cultivated farms. Mahoning River and Musqueto creek are the principal streams. A few miles southeasterly from Warren are salt springs.

Truro, a township of Franklin County, containing 260 inhabitants.

Turtle Creek, the name of a township in Warren County.

Tuscarawas, a county bounded north by Stark, east by Harrison, south by Harrison and Guernsey, and west by Coshocton counties. It is 30 by 29 miles in extent, containing 680 square miles. It has 3880 inhabitants and a valuation of 777,707 dollars. It is divided into the nine townships of Goshen, Salem, Oxford, One Leg, Lawrence, Sugar creek, Wayne, Warren and Dover. In divers parts of these townships are ten villages, or settlements regularly laid out, and denominated towns: namely, New Philadelphia, the county seat in Goshen township, Goshen and Gnadenhutten in Salem township, Westchester and Wilmington in Oxford township, Leesburg in One Leg Township, Sandyville and Lawrenceville in Sugar creek Township, and Dover, not vet settled, in Dover Township. The principal waters are Tuscarawas, Sandy, Conoten, Stillwater and Sugar creeks.

Tuscarawas Creek, the main branch of Muskingum River above the town of Coshocton, is frequently called by this name. It rises in the southeastern quarter of Medina County, whence it runs a south by east direction, 50 miles across Stark, into the interior part of Tuscarawas County, to the mouth of Stillwater creek; and from thence 30 miles farther in a southwestwardly direction to Coshocton, where it receives White woman's River from the northwest: and the joint stream thus united, is called Muskingum River. It is navigable to New Philadelphia, with boats of 7 or 8 tons burthen.

Tuscarawas, a township of Stark county.

Twin Creeks, two small streams running into the Ohio River, 20 miles below the mouth of Scioto River.

Twin, a township of Ross County. Twin, a township of Preble County.

Tyemochtee, a considerable western branch falling into the Sandusky River upon its west side, 12 miles below Upper Sandusky.

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Source: The Ohio Gazetteer or Topographical Dictionary, by John Kilbourn, A. M.,
Smith & Griswold Printers, Columbus, Nov. 1816

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