Oldest Inhabitants, of the Tuscarawas Valley ~ Bucks to Lawrence Township

The following are lists of the oldest inhabitants of the valley, who were born prior to the beginning of the present century, and who were, with a few exceptions, ancestors of the persons of the same name now living in Tuscarawas and other counties:

Tuscarawas County

Oldest Inhabitants of Bucks Township

Born between 1750 and 1760
Mary Seldenright
Jacob Lorrey
Mrs. Bennell, mother of William

Born between 1760 and 1770
Albright Kintlesberger
Stoddard Anderson
Mrs. Cummings, mother of Richard
Mrs. Helwig, mother of Benjamin
Mrs. Jacob Forney
Israel Penrod and wife
Peter Kern
Guy Young

Born between 1770 and 1780
David Hoover
Mrs. Guy Young
Valentine Thompson
Mrs. Peter Kern
Joseph Dormer
George Cutshall
John Spangler, Sr., and wife

Oldest Inhabitants of Clay Township

Born between 1750 and 1760
John Taylor
John P. Sargood
Conrad Roemer

Born between 1760 and 17 70
Adam Stocker
Barbara Wheeland
Mary Genter
Mrs. J. P. Sargood

Born between 1770 and 1780
Christian Stocker
Mrs. Adam Stocker
Andrew Stocker
Charles L. Stevens
Martin Kiser
John G. Fox
Elizabeth Rebstock
Mrs. Samuel Dingman
Michael Remmell
Henry Kaler

Oldest Inhabitants of Dohrman Township

The territory that comprised this township was subdivided, and is now Mill Township, Tuscarawas County, and portions of Harrison and Carroll counties.

Born between 1730 and 1740
Mrs. Utterbach, grandmother of William.

Born between 1740 and 1750
Stephen Johnson

Born between 1750 and 1760
Solomon Delong
Adam Gott
George Dickinson
Mrs. Hilton, mother of Leonard
Thomas and William Crumm

Born between 1760 and 1770

George Snowdigle
Mrs. Solomon Delong
John Hunter
James McKay
Mrs. George Dickinson
John McElroy
Thomas Drummond
John Black
Stewart Auld and wife
Andrew Sewell and wife
John Niblack, Sr., and wife
Robert Wilson and wife
William Blackwell
Mrs. Robert Gracy
William Utterbach
Susannah Blackwood
Tarleton B. Willoughby
Mrs. Robert Carson
Elijah Boston and wife
Mrs. John Johnston
Edward Bennett
Susannah Carroll

Born between 1770 and 1780

John Hooper
John Larry
William Mills
John McBean
Mrs. Moses Rutledge
Mrs. George Snowdigle
Ebenezer Ball
Rebecca Cox
Rezin Pomeroy
Mrs. John McElroy
Nancy McGill
William Corbett
Isaac Eaton
James Aucksom and wife
Samuel Caldwell
Felix Richardson
William Moore and wife
Asa Hamblin
George Hoskins and wife

Harmon Gitchell
Henry Foster
Thomas Brock
Martha Sterling
Mrs. William Welsh
Griffith Cahill and wife
John Howell and wife
Richard French
John Cahill, Sr
John Moore
Arthur Chenoweth and wife

Oldest Inhabitants of Dover Township

Born between 1730 and 1740
Mrs. Finton, mother of William

Born between 1740 and 1750
Mrs. Brown, grandmother of George W.

Born between 1750 and 1760,
George Helwig
Elijah Critz

Mrs. Crisswell, mother of John
Mrs. Critz, mother of Andrew

Born between 1760 and 1770
Adam Snyder
Mrs. Wallack
Mrs. Lower
Philip Baker
William Finton
Christian Kore
Godfrey Imber

Born between 1770 and 1780

Richard Burrough,
William Gibbs, Sr.,
George R. Baer and wife,
William Henderson,
Conrad Lower,
John Mumma,
Benjamin Wallack.
Ludwig Lower,
Henry Frinkenbriuer,
Mrs. William Finton,
Paul Grove, Sr,
James Harper,
Mrs. Kauffman, mother of Jacob;
John Hildt, Sr.,

Mary Burroughs,
C. Noftsinger and wife,
Mrs. Christian Kore,
Elizabeth Harmon,
John Chesterman and wife,
C. Ritter,
Abraham Share,
Jacob Blickensderfer

Oldest Inhabitants of Fairfield Township

Born between 1750 and 1760
John Bowman and wife
Thomas Cordroy, Sr.

Born between 1760 and 1770
Jacob Weaver
John McCleary
Mrs. Joseph Herminger
George Kollars
Margaret Long
Matthew Laird
Jacob Smith
Gideon Jennings

Born between 1770 and 1780,
Peter Wolf and wife
John Davy and wife
James McKee and wife
Jacob Waltz and wife
Charles Stevens and wife
Ludwig Snowland
Nathan Corderay
George Strawn

Oldest Inhabitants of Goshen Township

Born between 1730 and 1740
William Young
Born between 1750 and 1760
Mrs. Knisely, mother of David
Mrs. Judy, mother of John, Sr.
Mrs. William Young
John Hoopengarner

Born between 1760 and 1770
Matthias, Gossett and wife

Mrs. Lucinda Baltzley
Henry Espich and wife
Philip Fackler
Isaac Cordray, Sr.
Valentine Flack
Christian Bachman
Henry Meter
Henry Albright
Philip Jacob Fechtling.

Born between 1770 and 1780

Samuel W. Kendrick
Christian Casebeer and wife
David Stiffler, Sr. and wife
John Judy, Sr., and wife
James Wood
John Frederick
Henry Anchenbaugh
Abraham Kniseley, Sr. and wife
Philip and Jacob Foreman
Mrs. V. Flack
Christian Fuller
George Platz
Mrs. C. Bachman
Casper Engler

Agnes Ellis
John McPherson and wife
Mrs. J. Hoopengarner
Amelia Hummell
Mrs. Henry Albright
John Suttle and wife
John Walby
Edward Dorsey and wife
George Stiffler, Sr., and wife

Oldest Inhabitants of Lawrence Township

Born between 1740 and 1750
Mrs. Hartser, grandmother of Frederick

 Born between 1750 and 1760
Mrs. Bimeler, mother of Joseph M.

Stephen Hoover
John Baker
Mrs. Torner, mother of John

Born between 1760 and 1770
James Mock

Christopher Platz
Magdalena Auch
Margaret Ackerman
Jacob Heck
John Keller, Sr
John Fashbaugh
William Fashbaugh
Jacob Palmer
Barney Brown
Christopher Singer

Born between 1770 and 1780

Mrs. Stephen Hoover
Barbara Schock
Godfrey Lent and wife
Casper Fetter and wife
Jacob Shearing
John Miller and wife
Dorothea Dietz
Jacob Kimmerly and wife
Frederick Klotz
Joseph Boyler
Peter Houseman
John Streby and wife

John Mock
John Machin
John Taylor
Mrs. William Fashbaugh
Michael Schaeffer
George Mock and wife
Benjamin Brown and wife
Elizabeth Kullers


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Source: Ohio Annals, Historic Events, Tuscarawas and Muskingum Valleys, The State of Ohio, Edited by C. H. Mitchener, 1876




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