Oldest Inhabitants, of the Tuscarawas Valley ~ One Leg to York

The following are lists of the oldest inhabitants of the valley, who were born prior to the beginning of the present century, and who were, with a few exceptions, ancestors of the persons of the same name now living in Tuscarawas and other counties:

Oldest Inhabitants of One Leg Township, living in 1830
[This township was added to Carroll at the erection of that county, in 1833]

Born between 1730 and 1740
Mrs. Gamble, mother of George

Born between 1740 and 1750
Mary Waggoner
Mathias Shiltz

Born between 1750 and 1760
Samuel Snelling
William Reed and wife
Adam Swihart, Sr.
Henry Martin
Frederick Walters
Mrs. Warford, grand-mother of William

Born between 1760 and 1770

John Rule
Jacob Crager and wife
Ann Patterson
John Phoenix
William Gamble
Mrs. Laffer, mother of Adam
John Bowers, Sr.
George Crumrine
Mary Warner
John Fry and wife
Joseph Jeffries

William Perkins
John Getterell
William Bavard and wife
Mrs. Barrack Roby
James Roby and wife
Benjamin Leggett

Born between 1770 and 1780

Michael Thompson
George Nicholson
Joseph Boyd
James Palmer
Samuel McKee
Daniel McMillan
John Sterling
Samuel Hyde
William Watkins
Joseph McDaniel and wife
Abram Warner
William Rouse
Michael Quinn
Jesse Clark and wife
Benjamin Knight
George Gamble and wife
William Ball
Daniel Black
Sarah Stoneman
Barney Bower and wife
Alexander Smith and wife
Mrs. Richard Huff
Patrick McMillan
Richard Coleman

William Kyle
Amos Doyle and wife
Henry Ball and wife
Jesse Carter
Eve Glass
Parlan Pyle
Thomas Walker
Barrack Roby
James Parker
Mrs. George Crumrine
Mrs. William Gamble

Oldest Inhabitants of Oxford Township

Born between 1760 and 1770
Samuel Tucker
John Pearce Sr., and wife
Mrs. Gardner
Margaret Tufford

Born between 1770 and 1780
Sarah Booth
Mrs. Anderson
John Mulvane
Lewis Roberts
William Andrews
Elizabeth Neighbor
William Neighbor, Sr.
James Sloane
Mary Ann Salyards
Joseph North

Oldest Inhabitants of Perry Township

Born between 1730 and 1740
Mrs. Swain, mother of Joshua
Joseph Johnson
Rebecca Kannon

Born between 1710 and 1750
John Shaw

Born between 1750 and 1760
Mrs. Severgood, grandmother of Jacob
Mrs. Morrison, grandmother of Samuel
Peter Hammer
Thomas Archbold
Elisha Kitch and wife

Born between 1760 and 1770
John Williams
Richard Moore and wife
Ebenezer Kitch

Born between 1770 and 1780

Shadrack Minster
Mrs. John Williams
Stephen Horn
Moses Horn
Mrs. Parks
Mrs. Robert McCoy
Edward Johnson
Mrs. Schooly, mother of Samuel
Joseph Johnson
Neil Morris

William George
Samuel Boston and wife
John Wilson and wife
Gabriel Vansickle and wife
Timora Russell
Mrs. T. Archbold

Oldest Inhabitants of Rush Township

Born between 1750 and 1760
Michael Sponsler

Born between 1760 and 1770
Thomas Gibson
John Fairbrother
Mrs. Ginter, mother of John
Casper Warner
Joshua Davis
William Caples, Sr.

Born between 1770 and 1780

Michael Van Fleary,
John Uhrich,
Robert Laughlin,
Mrs. Thomas Gibson,
Thomas Connell,
Mrs. Michael Sponsler,
Esther Crumm,
Peter Bowman and wife,
Daniel Enterline,
Conrad Westhaver,

Mrs. Joshua Davis,
Abijah Robinett,
James Tracy,
John Lambright.

Oldest Inhabitants of Salem Township

Born between 1750 and 1760
Peter Good

Born between 1760 and 1770
Humphrey Corbin

Born between 1770 and 1780
William Haga and wife
Mrs. Peter Good
Mrs. Frankboner
Mrs. Paine
Burris Moore
Mrs. Barneby Riley
Charles Hill and wife
Jesse Hill and wife

Oldest Inhabitants of Sandy Township

Born between 1740 and 1750
Walling Miller and wife

Born between 1750 and 1760,
Mrs. M. Burroway
Philip Farber and wife
George Barnett
Catherine Fulk

Born between 1760 and 1770
Elizabeth Grinder
John Lennox
William Baird
Elizabeth West
Mrs. J. Johnson
Thomas McKnight
Mary Shees
Michael Flicking and wife

Born between 1770 and 1780

Joseph Sadler,
George Barringer and wife
Frederick Holtzhoy
James Bailey
John Burke and wife
Asa Menard and wile
Henry Wingate,

Thomas McKnight and wife
William Williams
Joshua Weaver

Oldest Inhabitants of Sugar Creek Township

Born between 1740 and 1750
Michael Dorner, Sr

Born between 1750 and 1760

Mrs. Michael Dorner
Mrs. Bittle, mother of George
Mrs. Walter, mother of John
Joseph Kine and wife
John Yotter
David Miller
Jacob Miller, Sr.
Mrs. Mafendish, mother of William D.

Born between 1760 and 1770

John Ballman
Daniel Kaiser
Susannah Correll
Peter Harmon and wife
John Miller and wife
Isaac Miller
Mrs. Coblentz, mother of Jacob
Mrs. Jacob Miller, Sr.
James Hattery
Joseph Hanlon and wife

Born between 1770 and 1780

George Richardson and wife
John Walten Jacob Dietz and wife
Mrs. Daniel Kaiser
John Bricker
Frederick Dorner
Chris. Winklepleck
Peter Hostetter
George Dyce and wife
George Smiley
George Miller
Abram Snyder
Daniel Yotter
Henry Kuniz
Ephriam Middaugh
Jacob Miller, Jr.
Mrs. James Hattery
Christian Livengood
Leonard Hyder
Catherine Barnhouse
John Schultze
Jacob Lowe
William D. Mafendish
Mary Noel
Andrew Burkey

Oldest Inhabitants of Warren and Union Townships

Born between 1740 and 1750
Mrs. Holmes, mother of Jacob

Conrad Pearch
Frederick Everhart

Mrs. Conover, grandmother of James

Born between 1750 and 1760
Charles Scott
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Rutter Sr.
Samuel Sample, Sr.
Mrs. Frederick Everhart
William Trussell
John Beamer
John Wyandt, Sr.

Born between 1760 and 1770

Joseph Hayes,
Frederick Mizer and wife,
William Scott and wife,
Samuel Russell,
Jacob Holmes,
Thomas Mills and wife,
George Davis,
John Witchcraft,
Samuel Anderson,
Paul Preston,
John Dunlap
Michael Smith,
Robert Stevenson and wife,
Peter Jennings and wife,
John Ramsberger and wife,
Samuel Lappin and wife
Martin Hoffman,
Philip Senter
William McClary, Sr.,
Thomas McPherson,
Reuben Runyan,
Peter Beamer.
Patrick Reardon,
William Sherrard,
Abram Richardson, Sr. and wife,
Moses Shaw,
Benjamin Price,
John Tinkey,
Charles N. Lindsey and wife,
William Sears,
George Study

Born between 1770 and 1780

Samuel Griffin
Henry Machaman and wife
Joseph Miller
Kinsey Cahill
Robert Scott and wife
George Davis
Philip Capel and wife
Mary Huffman
James Russell
David Davis
James Davis
Andrew Miller and wife
George Alfred
Andrew Black
Catherine Strause
William Conwell
Elizabeth Marley
Daniel Swally and wife
Joseph Buskirk
William Albaugh
Adam Beamer
Frederick Weaver
James Sellers and wife

Jacob Shaffer
Peter Close
John Cross
Adam Sherrard
Nicholas Skeels
Richard Herron
Philip Miller
Isaac Masters
Mary Seran
Obadiah Holmes

Oldest Inhabitants of Warwick Township

Born between 1740 and 1750
Barney Reyscrt, Sr.

Born between 1750 and 1760
William Simmers, Sr., and wife
Godfrey Weathaver
Henry Davis

Born between 1760 and 1770
Jesse Walton
Samuel Fry
Abraham Fry
Mrs. Benjamin Lane
Jacob Royer and wife
Mrs. Barney Rupert

Born between 1770 and 1780

Boaz Walton, Jr.
John G. Hoffman
Henry Keller
George Metzger
John Knouse
John Demuth
Asa Walton and wife
John Whitehead
Joseph Sturgiss
William Hill
Joseph Madden
John Romig and wife
Joseph Shemal
John Richmond and wife
Richard Taylor
Catherine Whitman

Oldest Inhabitants of Washington Township

Born between 1750 and 1760
Matthew Organ
Mrs. George Hussey, Sr.

Born between 1700 and 1770
Jonathan Andrews and wife
Mrs. Matthew Organ
Benjamin G. Duharnell
George Hussey, Jr.
Joseph Taylor

Born between 1770 and 1780
Anannias Randall and wife
Jesse Webb
Isaac Webb
Joseph Miller
James Hamilton
Magdalene Taylor

Oldest Inhabitants of Wayne Township.

Born between 1740 and 1750
William Collett
Mrs. Burrell, mother of Benjamin

Born between 1750 and 1760
John France

Born between 1760 and 1770

Henry Myers
Eve Baer
Henry Duncan
John Bess, Sr., and wife
Jacob Bartlett and wife
Daniel Bowers
Mrs. Obadiah Patterson
Adam Reamer
Cornelius Hand
Edward Jordan,

Born between 1770 and 1780

John Aultman and wife
Eve Deardorff
George Wallack
John Tyler and wife
John Michael
Benjamin Gorsuch
Henry Knovel
John Lidey
Jacob Knaga
Mrs. Henry Duncan
Mrs. Bayliss Jennings
John Burrell
George Gusler
Jere. Savage and wife
Jonathan Williams
Regena Fulk
Mrs. Philip Bash
Mrs. Daniel Bowers
George Rickett and wife
John McQuiston, Sr., and wife
Jacob Snearly
James Mills
Mrs. Adam Reamer
Mrs. David Reshley
Aesop Johnson
John G. Miller
Michael Wallack
John Wright, Sr.
Mary Ann Shonk
Elizabeth Swip,
Patrick Moore
Michael Kore and wife
John Seloz
Abraham Beninger

Oldest Inhabitants of York Township

Born between 1750 and 1760
Frederick Hummell
Henry Shawver

Born between 1760 and 1770
Mrs. Frederick Hummell
John Shull
John Pence
William Ross
Eli Barton
George Putt
John Benfer and wife

Born between 1770 and 1780

William Butt
Mrs. John Shull
Francis Garnant
Henry Ankeny
Samuel Deardorff and wife
Lewis Fox
Mrs. Eli Barton
Mrs. George Putt
Christian Beaver
Mary Cummings
George W. Kuhn
William Wolff
Henry Shawver
John Grimes and wife
Jacob Howe
Michael Bedinger.


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Source: Ohio Annals, Historic Events, Tuscarawas and Muskingum Valleys, The State of Ohio, Edited by C. H. Mitchener, 1876




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