Early Settlers and Prominent Men in Stark County

After the treaty of Greenville, in 1795, the territory now in Stark County attracted many emigrants, down to the period when it was organized into a county, with Canton for the county seat, which was laid out in 1806 by Bazaled Wells, of Steubenville.

From that period the emigrants from Pennsylvania and Maryland flocked in, and in later years the Germans from Europe came, and made it one of the rich and prosperous counties of Ohio.

Among the prominent men of the county forty years ago and some of whom being of the first settlers, may be mentioned:

Parker Handy
William Williams
Thomas Blackburn
Jacob Palmer
V. R. Kimball
John Kryder
H. D. Williams
David Stripe
William Dunbar
James Allen
John Saxton
Daniel Gutshall
Peter Kaufhman
P. Loutzenheiser
Samuel Hownstine
Samuel Lyons
George N. Webb
George Crouse
George Cribbs
George Roudebush
Richard Sheckles
John Dunbar
Elias D. Albert
Arnold Lynch
William McCormick
William Sarball
Enos Raffensperger
Eli Sala
George B. Hoss
Harmon Stidger
Heram Griswold
John Harries
Samuel Lahm
Lyman Pease
George Slusser
Daniel Diewalt
Thomas H. Webb
Alexander McCulley
John James
Elias and Matthew Johnston
Oses Welch
Joseph Watson
Silas Rawson
H. B. Hurlbutt
Lewis Schaeffer
Abel and James H. Underhill
Robert H. Folger
Daniel Atwater
George Diewalt
John Schlosser
John Myers
William Fogle
William Toffler
John Short Sr.
John C. Rockwell
Henry Kitzmiller
Matthias Shephar
Peary Stidger
David A. Starkweather
John K. Dunbar

O. T. Browning
Judge Sowers
Peter Croft
William Christmas
John Black
William White
Doctor Rappel
William Bucher
Daniel Raffensperger
Andrew Meyer
Martin Wokedal
Benjamin F. Lester
William Lemon
Doctor Robert Estep
Joseph Matthews Sr.
John Pirrong
Jonathan G. Lester
William Reed
Samuel Stover
Seraphun Myer
Jacob Schneider
Henry Hawreeht
John Rex
John Clark
Doctor Whiting
C. C. A. Witting
Samuel Petry
William Beals
Samuel Stanker
Joshua Saxton
Joseph Shorb
John Hawk
Samuel Hawk
Samuel Hunt

Of the above, Matthias Sheplar, David A. Starkweather, and Benjamin F. Leiter, each were members of Congress.

John Rex was the father of Hon. George Rex, now one of the supreme judges of Ohio. John Saxton, Esq., James Allen, William Dunbar, Daniel Gutshall, Peter Kauffman, were all able editors. Several of the others named represented the county in the legislature.

The physicians named were able men in their profession, known far and wide. The lawyers, Griswold, Starkweather, Carter, Lahm, and Belden, had no superior in eastern Ohio; and of the others it may be said that, as farmers and business men, their influence and examples at an early day made Stark County take rank as one of the first-class counties in the State.

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Source: Ohio Annals, Historic Events, Tuscarawas and Muskingum Valleys, The State of Ohio, Edited by C. H. Mitchener, 1876




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